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Caragiales’s Bucharest

Big cities have not just one, but many stories, millions of stories, created by those that visited them or lived there, and Bucharest is not an exception. And what an interesting story wrote Caragiale about this city…

For the fourth time, its inhabitants and visitors have the opportunity to discover the Bucharest of Ion Luca Caragiale through a theater festival.

In June, July, August, and September, Caragiale’s Bucharest Festival invites you to rediscover the theater by 32 plays and 139 outdoor performances. Among the theater plays included in the schedule: “On Official Duty” (Chekhov), “A Stormy Night” (I. L. Caragiale) and “Tanța and Costel” (Ion Băieşu), and a series of plays included in the current season repertoire of the Hebrew State Theatre. There are also circus performances of the Circus & Variete Globus Bucharest.

The outdoor performances will take place in the historical center of the city, in Strada Franceză (French Street). You only have to read the schedule of events, get there and enjoy.

Caragiale’s Bucharest includes getting out in a “garden”, so you can enjoy a meal and a performance in the same time, at the Garden Restaurant at Conu‘ Iancu (Prof. Mihail Georgescu Str. no.24). Previous reservation is necessary.

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Ana-Maria Pricochi • 09/07/2015

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